Los Serranos Men’s Golf Club

We are proud to offer a Golf Club Membership which includes a United States Golf Association Index courtesy of the Southern California Golf Association (S.C.G.A.). They conduct all U.S.G.A. course rating activities on both courses, provide a monthly magazine and the ability to play in S.C.G.A. Tournaments which are conducted at private and public golf facilities and resorts.

Men’s Club Member’s Handicaps

Once we receive your signed 2018 membership application with your payment, S.C.G.A will mail the S.C.G.A Membership Card to you.

  • The S.C.G.A. requires a minimum of five scores posted to compute your index. To expedite obtaining your index, these scores should be from Los Serranos Country Club.
  • If you have five scores posted after the 1st of the month, your index will show up on the 15th of the same month.
  • Scores posted after the 15th of the month, index will show up on the 1st of the following month.
  • After 20 scores, you will post adjusted scores according to the Equitable Stroke Control.

Indexes, Handicaps and Cuts: Eliminate the Confusion

Indexes are provided twice each month, on the 1st and 15th, from GHIN through SCGA based on the scores a player posts at any given course.

These scores are converted to a handicap differential by the following formula:

Adjusted gross score minus USGA course rating times 113 divided by the USGA slope rating of the tees played.

GHIN uses the lowest ten (10) scores of your last twenty (20) to figure your current index.

Only indexes, on the monthly report stated in the Tournament Entry flyer, are used for tournaments. The index (or combined indexes in partner tournaments) is used to determine the division of flights with equal number of players in each flight. Sometimes, all flights play the same set of Tees and sometimes some flights may play Green Tees, Blue Tees while others play White Tees. After it is determined which flight a player (or players) belongs, the Course Handicap Conversion Chart is then used to convert the index into a handicap based on the tees that player will be playing.

Men’s Club Tournament Schedule

• Most tournaments start about 7am ~ 8 am on Saturday/Sunday.

• You must have an index number before you can play in a Men’s Club Tournament.

• The Tournament Committee reserves the right to adjust any member’s or guest’s course handicap for any Men’s Club Tournament or Club Championship.

• Dates and formats are subject to change.

Please contact the Pro Shop at (909) 597-1711 for more information.